Friday, May 11, 2007

Morning Rush

* The Buchanan Ingersoll PAC contributed one of those daunting $12,000 checks to the Ravenstahl campaign (h/t Early Returns). The Mayor's new selection for the Ethics Hearing Board, Penny Zacharias, is an attorney for Buchanan Ingersoll.

Noteworthy, but we don't really see a quid-pro-quo here. It's not like having an "in" on the Ethics Board is worth that much to the Downtown law firm, besides being an honor, is it?

* That ethics board? Totally meeting! Today at 11:00 AM in council chambers. (h/t Busman)

* P-G editorial calls Redd Up shenanigans "Pittsburgh to the core"; Trib editorial crowns Ravenstahl with a laurel for prudent discipline.

* Jeff Koch returns some of those corporate contributions; while doing so, he criticizes his opponent Bruce Kraus for accepting donations from out-of-state. P-G: Lord. Trib: Boren.

* PITG Gaming and the Steelers: Still not neighborly. P-G: Belko.

* P-G editorial board endorses William P. Mullen for sheriff as the urltimate consomme professional.

* Comet influence unquestionable: our street is getting repaved on both ends, and around the corner where we park our car. We were not even aware of any disrepair!

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