Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What A Day!!

Check out The Allegheny Democrat, published anonymously, and no doubt subconsciously, by a certain T. Durden (h/t the Burr Reporr).

A sampling:

Governor Rendell threw this state to the wolves last year when he put his foot down at State Committee and insisted that Catherine Baker Knoll, as senile and mean as one old lady can get, remain our Lt. Governor, forcing Valerie McDonald Roberts to pull out before the vote. And Only he, Joe Hoeffel, and God know what the hell he promised Joe to get him out of the race with 24 hours of his campaign announcement.

Also, a comment on the contents of this post: "Integrity" and "Experience" we are willing to swallow. "Diversity" however, seems like a really hard sell.


  1. Not really anonymous Bram. Amber Steinmetz is taking credit towards this blog. It seems that her and a
    Ken Wolfe have created this blog
    to attack Chairman Jim Burns
    She worked for the Democratic. Party and now is running the Kraus campaign. Truely surprised you didn't hear this already. I've talked to at least 3 people today
    who heard from the horses mouth.
    It's quite stupid to launch an anonymous attack via blog and then run around proudly telling people it is you. I think she's off her meds and people are starting to worry.
    This is exactly what I want to see in a campaign Manager.
    I hope Kraus is smart enough to get rid of her before it's too late.
    I believe she is on the Democratic Committee herself but yet I noticed that her name and phone number do not appear on the committee list that was posted because they conveniently used an old list. Ken Wolfe's phone number has been taken off this list as well. I'm not sure if it's really legal to post home phone numbers
    because at this point it's uncertain that some of these numbers are private. I know my number is private, has not been stricken and was not given for the intention for anything other than
    Democratic Party issues. I intend to check on the legalities and I will get back to you."

  2. "It's quite stupid to launch an anonymous attack via blog and then run around proudly telling people it is you."

    Well, that would certainly be true. I haven't yet confirmed any authorship rumors, and the site has apparently gone private.

    Eager to learn what you discover about the legalities, but as a blogger I have to root against your efforts, because that stuff was juicy as hell and I want more. I also don't remember the phone numbers you're talking about because, well, I can't get in anymore.

  3. Oh get over it. The committee list is a list of public officials. I was contacted by the party and perhaps was out of line. I apologize if you were offended but please keep in mind that the as a democratic committee person you are an elected official so publishing a list that should be of public record is no big deal.

    in any event.. in the interest of not being a flame throwing at jim burn (not burns) i apologized, and i have stopped.

    so you win. and i am sorry sometimes things just get the better of you and bad choices are made.

    but please. check into the legality of making a list of publicly elected officials public. i'm dying to hear that legal ruling.

  4. Yeah, although one of the anonymous commenters might have just typed "Amber" up there, I can confirm that's Amber Steinmetz, aka Tyler Durden.

  5. Hey, did anyone manage to freeze the Allegheny Democrat in carbonite a la Motznik Speaks Out?