Monday, June 18, 2007

Guilt-Free Monday

"There are good times in careers, and there are bad times in careers," says Mayor Ravenstahl, on his decision to promote Detective George T. Trosky to Police Commander in the Hill District.

The bad times? See Trib: Jeremy Boren and P-G: Rich Lord.

Joseph Sabino Mistick: You want George Trosky on that wall. You need George Trosky on that wall!

H/T PittGirl for that last item, who also (having eaten a big bowl of Lewis Black Breakfast Cereal this morning) sounds off on an issue we were discussing with Sue aka PghLesbian mere posts ago.

Finally, the Courier's Deborah M. Todd previews a film screening called Mirrors of Privilege -- Making Whiteness Visible presented by the White Privilege Anti-Racist Organizing and Discussion Group.

The group states it is, "not an exercise in wallowing in white guilt or being good white people," but an attempt to encourage discussion of the ideas of racial injustice, cultural appropriation, classism, racism, and anti-racist social justice movements among white people.

Thanks, Oberlin!


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