Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More (Hopefully the Last) on Trosky

Two pull quotes, with editorial commentary, from the Rich Lord's P-G article on new Police Cmdr. Trosky:

Domestic abuse by police is "not an uncommon situation," said Judy Yupcavage, communications director for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

That is deeply depressing in and of itself.

Tony Ceoffe, executive director of community group Lawrenceville United, said he has heard that the new commander is "a people-oriented person who takes care of his officers."

Mr. Ceoffe probably did not expect questions, so what came out was a little vague and a little bland.

Yet given the history of allegations surrounding Cmdr. Trosky, "takes care of his officers" sounds uncomfortably like "understands how the game is played."

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