Friday, June 22, 2007

City Development: The Executive Game

The P-G's Ann Belser reports: The Steelers and the Pirates have been skipping the Pittsburgh Gaming Task Force subcommittee meetings on traffic and transportation.

But she buried the lede:

Two residents, along with Mr. Fatla and Jim Wallace from Allegheny West, were even more exasperated when they learned that Mayor Luke Ravenstahl had reinstituted the North Shore Executive Committee, made up of representatives of the two teams, Continental Development, which is developing the land around the stadiums, and the Carnegie Science Center, but not any representatives of residents.

Mr. Ravenstahl's interim spokeswoman, Joanna Doven, said she didn't know why residents weren't included in the mayor's committee.

Rough day for Joanna.

Even North Side Councilwoman Darlene Harris is grumbling about being excluded, but:

City transportation planner Sidney Kaikai replied that the task force has to do its work regardless of whom is in the room.

"We have to move forward," he said.

The Comet looks forward to the extended dance remix of this line of argument as applied to the new Penguins facility.

It would really be something if the Northside Leadership Conference and the One Hill Coalition could somehow arrange to get each other's backs. Seriously.

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