Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

The P-G's Bill Tolland just had to talk about the momentum that organized labor is gaining in the casino industry.

Dan Onorato has some big decisions to make, as far as jobs go. (P-G, Ann Belser)

If you didn't already read this, and notice how Judy O'Connor totally cuffed Luke Ravenstahl across the back of the neck -- then you're just hopeless. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Phillip Murray, first president of the United Steelworkers of America, honored by a dedication of the 10th Street Bridge. (P-G, Ann Belser) From Wikipedia:

Murray was working in a coal mine in 1904 when he became involved in the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA). Feeling that a manager had purposefully altered and lowered the weight of the coal he had mined, Murray punched the man and was fired.

We gotz ta biggest Labor Day Parade up in dis joint. (Trib, David M. Brown, h/t BR)

Labor Dabor. (LINK)

Trib columnist Dmitri Vassilaros tries to rain on the Labor Day Parade.

Editorial Comments: About this "right to work"? Do we have the right to work at the Trib? That'd be sweet. Just march in and demand our right to work.

In real life, we have the right to work for ourselves, or apply for a jobs. If hired, we have the right to consent to the ground rules existent within that organization. Set by management, and if applicable, by those already working there.

It's called an organized workforce. We've got nothing against the right to own, nor the right to manage -- but we're in this world together, Jack, so you better understand that if your workers decide the union model is the way to go, it's the way to go for everybody.

If anybody doesn't like it, they have the right to work elsewhere -- but do you know what? The workers totally end up liking it, because the bosses try to cheat them constantly!!!

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  1. Judy O'Connor's cuffing of Luke on the neck is nothing to shout about.The O'Connor Crew's support of Luke was the coup de grace to Bill Peduto's candidacy.To applaud Judy finally coming to her senses,just like Onorato and Doyle,does nothing for the city and those of us who saw the boy king for what he was back in Oct. empty suit.