Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Timing of Master Plan at Issue

Hill District Ministers emerge from meeting with commitment to a Master Plan.

The story you will probably see is:

Dan Onorato wonders where the heck we got the idea of a $10 million demand. What's the big fuss over a number?

The meeting with the Hill District ministers was productive. If we have to negotiate with one organization or with two or three, who cares?


The major story:

The Rev. Johnny Monroe said that the City and the County agreed to develop a Master Plan for the whole area, with community involvement.

He was asked about statements made by SEA director Mary Conturo that there would be no master plan contemplated until the arena is built and occupied. (Trib, Pfister)

The Rev. Monroe did not appreciate the tone of the question, and told the reporter he was "trying to call somebody a liar."

Another minister chimed in to explain, "That's old news." Today's news, he said, is that a master plan will take place.

Yarone Zober, the mayor's chief of staff, confirmed to the Comet the city's commitment to a Master Plan.

He said that the lack of any real unified Master Plan is a big part of what has been holding back the Hill these many years.

We asked him about the timing of the process -- would the plan be approved before construction begins?

Zober said he did not personally have those answers yet. He did say something about there being no need to put hard and fast timetables into place.

We also spoke briefly with Marimba Milliones, an active business and community leader aligned with the group of Hill District ministers.

She confirmed to the Comet that the timing of the Master Planning process was "a major issue in the room."


The ministers and the community will hold a "celebration" on September 30 at 4:00, at the Central Baptist Church.

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