Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wednesday Morning Data Points

The Incredible Jake Haulk finds common ground with Chelsa Wagner on transit funding -- at least to a point. He wants the "massive legacy costs" and "operating efficiency issues" of the Port Authority to get addressed. (Tribune Review)

County row office consolidation was supposed to help, right? (Mark Rauterkus)

Same blogger endorses David Adams for District 9. (Mark Rauterkus)

The P-G Ed Board hated on Luke for sassing the Ethics Board, and it is now hating on Luke for botching the Pittsburgh Promise:

The idea is still simmering, though. Mr. Roosevelt said that "very significant talks" were being held about getting the program funded. The consulting firm McKinsey & Co. is helping to define the details, and a couple of temporary employees of the district are devoting some of their time to it. That would seem to be the key to enlisting support for the plan.

Editorial Comment: That does not sound encouraging.


The Mark Belko P-G article and the Bonnie Pfister Trib article must both be set aside for intensive scrutiny. Here is a selection from the latter:

But Gamrat was skeptical that the Penguins will pay much attention to development beyond the arena walls.

"People tend to forget that the goal of an arena or stadium is to get people to spend as much money inside as possible -- not outside," he said.

Here is an even better one:

A master plan for the surrounding land will not be contemplated until the arena is built and occupied, Conturo said.


  1. Link to my posting.

    Mark Rauterkus & Running Mates ponder current events: County looking to consolidate four row offices

    This is proof positive of exactly what is wrong with the Dem Party Leadership and the process that only elects Ds. They promise. Then they promise again. And, they often promise some more when it comes to jobs. Political life of Pittsburgh Democrats is about jobs.

    Thanks for the mentions.

  2. What has County Exec Onorato been doing for the last couple years with the impending row office consolidation?? Here is a man so consumed with merging the city into the county and he can't after two plus years find an administrator for the offices or even some substantial savings.I have spoken to employees in the various offices who have stated to me that the consultant hired by Danny O has concluded that there really isn't going to be much savings if any.That is why the report has not been made public.Also the merging of the various computer systems is not as simple a matter as claimed.