Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Scandal Totally Rocks Mayor's World, From Which He Will Never Recover

So the mayor, he um, he's been using a GMC Yukon assigned to the Intelligence Unit for personal stuff like family outings ...

"From time to time, I guess there were either issues with [the Impala], or from time to time if we would travel in groups to Harrisburg, for example, we would use that vehicle," he said yesterday, standing next to the Impala. "I know it was brought to my attention at a later date that it was an Intel vehicle bought with Homeland Security dollars. Once that was brought to my attention, we haven't used it since." (P-G, Rich Lord)

Our favorite part is that he and Police Chief Nate Harper attempted to discipline the sergeant that sounded the alarm, because that always ends well. Public Safety Director Michael Huss overturned the disciplinary measures -- he who would not be Public Safety Director were it not for the last police whistle-blower.

Our other favorite part was that the SUV was reportedly returned from a Toby Keith concert in "messy condition."


  1. It's a countr-fried truck that seats 35 .... Canyonero!

  2. You know, I wonder who the source for Rich Lord's story is? That Nate Harper was quoted again, like in the story about the Mayor's bodyguards, makes me wonder ...

  3. Bram,

    you don't think the Mayor will recover from this one?

  4. Yes, Matt H, it is kinda funny that Bram would pick this scandal out of all the many others which stunk way worse. Very astute of you. Which is your favorite Most Embarrassing Mayoral Moment?

    I'm torn between his lie about being drunk and disorderly at Heinz Field ..... and his stalking of Tiger Woods.

    And Bram, please tell me you have good reason to believe Luke will go down soon. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

  5. Matt H said...

    October 3, 2007 9:20 AM

    Matt, are you off today or are you using a city owned computer to blog again?

  6. Sorry to inform you, Matt and Char, our post title is completely sarcastic.

    We think all anybody will take away from this is that Luke enjoys SUVs and country music, which as we know is ample evidence that he's a swell dude, and that his political opponents who are raising objections are just effete intellectual hippies.

    Of course, as our latest post indicates, we just witnessed the Lukemeister in his element, so we may be more skeptical than usual. We know that the Burgher (for example) truly thinks this'll be a turning point.

  7. You guys are all just a bunch of squares who don't want the mayor to have any fun:

  8. Matt
    Why does the mayor have to recover from anything? Come on, using a federally-funded SUV for fun.

    Who do I call when I want to borrow a police bike to ride on the trails?

  9. I'm on leave from work until atleast the end of the month.


  11. yeah, yeah. great article. do you think the reporter even FOUND OUT that luke was brought before the ethics board for an issue the nyt didn't even make mention of?