Friday, October 5, 2007

KDKA Must Really be on the Warpath ....

.... because they're letting us on the air.

KDKA radio personality Kevin Miller invited the Burr Reporr onto his program to discuss, oh we don't know, federal reserve interest rates or something. In turn, the secretive Burgher dispatched us as the "public face" of the Burgh Report.

Which we can do. Because we are. Or something. When we find out more, we'll tell you.

At any rate: 1:05 PM today, KDKA 1020 AM.

We've spent the morning immersing ourselves in the data and the history, and repeating the phrase "How Now Brown Cow" into a mirror. So no news. Please avail yourselves of the Comet Blogroll, or if you desire, some actual Mainstream Media outlets. The Comet will come roaring back on Monday afternoon.


  1. If the discussion happens upon military service, try to get some DETAILS on Mr Miller's.

    What branch did he serve? For how long? Why did he leave early?

    That sort of thing.

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  3. Great job, Bram! :-)

    The only thing is I thought that the phone camera incident happened at Heinz Field.

  4. Nice job Bram.

    Let's talk about whistle blowers and the Pgh Ethics Hearing Board.

    And, .... the City Paper article now on stands at 8 p,

  5. Good Job Bram. I thought you did the best you could with the little time he gave you.

  6. Blue Angel -

    Hey, thanks for calling! You sound like a lovely person, and I'm sorry your experience on the Burgh Report kind of spooked or upset you.

    As I would have gone on to try to explain, you called yourself "Blue Angel" and said you were a city worker ... then denied you were a police officer or a paramedic ... then went on to describe other member of your family or do or have worked for the city ... and described your work situation a little bit ... someone put it together. Then you could have denied it anyway, but you confirmed it.

    That's the way I remember it, anyway. I just want to reassure you that we DON'T have any ability to figure out who our commenters or readers are ... and we certainly can't give them viruses.

    And I reiterate my desire to see you out there blogging yourself. The Mayor needs all the help he can get.

  7. Thanks to everybody else. Do you think I went to far in referencing LUKE IS A PUSS BAG? The brain works in mysterious ways when not accustomed to live broadcasts....

  8. 1) It was FUN to hear 'luke is a puss bag' on the radio

    but, more importantly,

    2) that example really illustrated the point you were making.

  9. LUKE IS A PUSS BAGOctober 5, 2007 at 1:50 PM

    bram you did a goog job.

  10. Good job, Bram. And yea, it is unusual how chummy the MSM is with Pgh bloggers. I think its a good thing, though. Kudos to them for not getting weird and territorial.

    Oh, and when Blue Angel called in .... I nearly spit out my tea. It is a very small world out there.

  11. Actually, it's not unusual at all if you look at the national scene ... you have my personal hero, Ana Marie Cox, doing tv spots on cable almost nightly, as well as Andrew Sullivan and let's not forget Koz. It's a complimentary scene. We get to say things in plain english more often. Can you imagine Matt H and I on a split-screen?

  12. You made me spit out my tea again...