Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday: A Healthy Start

The P-G Ed Board supports Doug Shields's police legislation...

The most important thing it does is recommend against hiring police applicants who have engaged in or been investigated for domestic violence.

... but wants it to go even further. It doesn't even address promotions, and "it should."


This is Not how to help a free
Life-loving citizenry to live

In simple, unextorted Peace:

We need to be stewards of a workable Vision, not

To be

Anonymously observed.

How far into the future, 'round the corner, up the street, behind closed doors

Is far enough?

We're really happy that somebody is piping up against video surveillance, but does it absolutely have to be a poet? (P-G, Mark Balobeck)


The TRIBUNE REVIEW's Jeremy Boren seemed to highlight one particular contrast at the Civic Design Coalition debate above others.

DeSantis said Ravenstahl has ignored residents' concerns about two major developments -- the $490 million Majestic Star Casino on the North Shore and the Penguins $290 million arena in Uptown.

"The generally held view of the people that live here is that there is no real dialogue," said DeSantis, 47, of Downtown.


"I think the public process, specifically in the Hill District, has been above and beyond the call of duty," Ravenstahl said, noting he has met regularly with Hill residents seeking economic benefits from the arena, including guaranteed jobs for residents and construction of a grocery store.

He said the Gaming Implementation Task Force he created has fielded advice from residents of the North Side, where he recently held a packed neighborhood meeting.

Can we find anybody on the Hill to corroborate the Mayor's aboveness and beyonditude?


  1. news you can look into: The Zone is Dead. Playing christmas music. New station to launch Friday, 5 PM. Fates of Johnny Mac and Paulsen yet TBA.

    Read that website and see if you agree that it's a coded message that they're bringing back B94.

  2. The Mayor is talking about the public process for the new arena. It's never been done "that big" before, to have 9-11 focus group meetings, two big public meetings on design, concerns, etc. The Mayor might be right, which is quite sad, actually, because we've had two new stadiums and the upcoming casino, all of which were / are huge developments.

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