Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday: Good Times

The Busman is cracking us up.

Early Returns is cracking us up.

Mike Madison said it best.

The P-G's Tony Norman outdid himself. Print and frame.

The URA Times-Herald reports on the story since the Planning Commission meeting. It seems fair and accurate, if sanitized. It includes this:

The group met again on Jan. 14. “The Penguins have not been at the last couple of negotiations. We haven’t received confirmation that they’ll be joining us at the table. The Mayor and Chief Executive are facilitating their involvement,” adds Frazier, who says that CBA negotiations will resume this week. In response to Monday’s vote, Frazier says, “We don’t control what happens there. Whatever happens, we will stay focused. We’ve allowed enough time for the follow-up that is necessary.”

KDKA anchor Patrice King Brown reported that Ravenstahl and Onorato will not return to negotiations personally until a deal is reached -- although that may have been anchor / teleprompter error.

If true, that would be discouraging, what with all the executive skills going to waste, and the importance of getting a win for the Penguins, a win for the Hill District and a win for the city.

The Trib's Prine & Boren blow up One Hill negotiations, with emphasis on living wage as a sticking point. UPDATE: Don't forget them ministers.

That's it for this morning. Go read yourselves some Tony Norman.

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  1. Tony Norman's column is absolutely hilarious!!! Dan better let Luke go to the wolves. He is not worth the trouble of keeping. Seems that Dan has enough trouble of his own, he damn sure doesn't need the continued burden of carrying brainless Luke.