Monday, January 14, 2008

Three Bits of News

Other business at the Planning Commission is moving slower than a 17 year-old sheepdog with glaucoma, but we can highlight three bits of news we've learned from One Hill.

1) Everything in the Blueprint for a Livable Hill (B4LH) is on the table, likewise nothing from the B4LH is off the table. You may want to consult your pocket copy of the B4LH to figure out why this is news.

2) Further negotiations with the city and county "are being scheduled through the rest of the week."

3) When asked whether or not "No CBA, No Deal" is still the operative One Hill position on passage of the master plan at City Planning -- there is no longer a definitive answer to that question.

Good faith negotiations and a spirit of optimism are important in these kinds of situations. To some people. Not for the Comet. We cannot help but be skeptical that negotiations will continue, or will continue to be fruitful, when and if the master plan wins approval.

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