Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We Missed Our Chance

This from a week-old mayoral press release:

(PITTSBURGH) January 8, 2008 – If residents want to talk to Mayor Ravenstahl about their neighborhood vision, or hear a full update on city issues, they have one more chance to do so.

Mayor Ravenstahl will lead the last of his 10 Neighborhood Forums at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow, Jan. 9, at St. Mark’s Church in the City’s Brookline neighborhood.

We'd been warned. Now here comes the empire.

“We are America’s most livable City; there is a reason for that,” Mayor Ravenstahl said. “We should talk to one another about our concerns and seek ways to address them together, but we should also talk about why we choose to call Pittsburgh home. Our crime rate is at a 40-year historic low, our finances are stabilizing, our City is headed in the right direction.”

Talk amongst yourselves.

“The Mayor gave a full report to the residents of the Upper East End on issues of financial stability, city management, public safety, economic development, neighborhood revitalization and the city's ‘green’ agenda, and it was time well spent,” said Aggie Brose of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation.”

What kind of nebulous group of people is that?!?

“Encouraging residents to really think about what they want in their community is key to making positive change,” Aggie Brose added.

Actually, we have no problem at all with Aggie Brose. Wonderful person. The city should be empowering more people like her.

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