Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mayor!

Governor Rendell has some kind of business in Pittsburgh this afternoon.

We hear it has been moved from the larger Council Chambers, over to the smaller Mayor's Conference Room. Rendell will have the honor of cutting Ravenstahl's birthday cake, we've heard.

Council continues to languish in the Tower of London.

Happy birthday, Luke!


  1. So does anyone know if this happened, or was the Comet taken for a ride?

  2. Why should our elected reps have to get a hall pass from the mayor to speak to department directors?

  3. As if anyone cares:

    "The press conference was moved to the sixth floor of the city-county bldg because of the crowd. Rendell was late, so Luke & Dan arrived before he did. When the event was over, Luke & Dan left and we in the media engaged the guv. He then left. Where he went I don’t know, but I know we were outside the building before he exited. He did reference Dan’s birthday yesterday and Luke’s birthday today at the press conference.


    Jon [Delano]"

    We hope we're not stepping on his toes in reproducing that. Jon referenced to us a funny story about the governor that can be found at:

    Jon Delano. Don't hurt him, he's just a messenger.