Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday: Cheaters Never Prosper

"I called Pat Ford!" is the new, "Don't tase me, bro!" (P-G, Rich Lord)

Pittsburghers would like their political leaders to address the major challenges of our times. (P-G, Chad Hermann)

Former Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Twanda Carlisle today was sentenced to 12 to 24 months incarceration for her role in a kickback scheme that directed some $43,000 in city money to her personal and campaign accounts. (P-G, Rich Lord)

The Mon-Fayette Expressway pendulum swings back to the "on" position, thanks to a public-private partnership and the work of Dan & Luke.

But Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, an outspoken critic of the Mon-Fayette, said it is wishful thinking to expect this toll road to make it into Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley communities.

"I don't believe it's going to happen, especially because it is bad planning at best," said Mr. Fetterman, who was not invited to the Jan. 11 summit. "All these people talk about this highway and economic development, but this is not serious economic revitalization policy." (P-G, Karamagi Rujumba)

What? That doesn't sound at all like local leaders -- making rosy economic forecasts based on faulty assumptions, in order raid taxpayers' wallets to fund public works boondoggles, and to do it all without adequate local input? Absurd on it's face! We would be insulted.


  1. there's no pendulum to swing for the MFX one way or the other. there's no money to build it, no interested party who's willing to offer the money to build it, and no prospect of raising that money. every ounce of energy expended in renewing commitment for finding the money is energy wasted. everyone needs to get over it, and work on putting muscle behind other projects that CAN be funded and built.

  2. If you are right, Andrea, it is a shame that property owners in the vicinity of that would-be expressway continue to live under the neverending prospect of its construction. To that extent, it's a shame local leaders continue to be willing to pander to the project's boosters by holding summits and announcing partnerships that, on a third reading of the article, fail to actually exist.

    What worthy projects CAN be funded and built in SW PA that presently are not, I wonder? Because we do like jobs and money.