Friday, February 8, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday! (Wednesday)

Join us at sundown this Monday evening (by which we mean Wednesday), when we will post the results of a special "No Holds Barred" interview with Councilman Jim Motznik.

City Hall staffer Joe Day AKA Jimmy Junior is actually volunteering to accept credit / blame / responsibility for arranging this. The Comet could not be more pleased and honored.

We are certain to ask him about blogging, about the budget, and about Council's legislative agenda. What else should we ask him?


  1. I think I prefer "Mini-Motznik" myself haha

  2. ask him how he keeps his head so shiny. it glistens like dew in the morning sun during the televised council meetings. also, is that a tactic he uses to distract his enemies or is it just vanity. either way, major props to motznik for it.

  3. Ask him how many miles per hour he thinks he was going when he was running from the television cameras last year? I was amazed at his limber body, his bipedaling dexterity and his Olympic-style speed.

    Please ask him if he plans on entering the race again this year?

  4. Ask him why he thinks a non-supervised sprinkler system in a park is 'cutting edge.'

  5. ditto Mark..hose parks..gimme a break!!gimme a pool!!

  6. He defended the splash-zones, actually. Something to do with making do within the constraints of the budget.

    Should be up late today...