Thursday, April 10, 2008

BestFriendsgate: Notes and Quotes

Lamar Advertising: Digging in, or else digging themselves into a deeper hole. (P-G, Rich Lord)

If the council members want it to stop, "they're going to have to go to the Court of Common Pleas and they're going to have to post bond," countered Jonathan Kamin, a lawyer for Lamar.

"Stop making us obey the law, or we'll make you poor."


The Comet gets much love from the MacYapper.

I would quibble with one thing Bram told Bob [Mayo]. Bram said it's not "our job" to judge the gift taking unethical bureaucrats. If people sitting around in their underwear typing a lot can't judge humanity then who can?

John is correct of course. When the story was just breaking, all we could think of was, "Appear credible, appear impartial, don't 'distort' anything!" Perhaps the memory of a previous major blog-broken story was looming large in our minds. At any rate, we got our judgmental side out of our system on Kevin Miller today.

Kevin Miller today, as captured by Mark Rauterkus. (Note: it's pronounced "Rich Bomb", no biggee)

At least one female blogger is wondering what's up with Sirk getting canned and Ford getting a paid vacation. (PWBS)

Ford vs. Meacham: Clash of the No-Goodnicks? We also have heard some evidence of a feud like this at the Housing authority. (Hoagie 1, Hoagie 2)

Infinonymous is blogging:

It now appears that George Specter did not become a thoroughgoing dunce upon the junior varsity's taking the field to replace Bob O'Connor's administration. Instead, my diagnosis has become a severe case of dopey client disease. Specter apparently advised against the serial extracurricular accommodations of Lamar's commercial interests, but that advice was ignored. A dopey client puts a lawyer in a damning position, often warping the lawyer's conduct. Specter couldn't reveal that his clients knew damned well that they were acting inappropriately (because he had so advised them, in writing); he also could not endorse their frangible positions or wrongful conduct.

Mmmm. Frangible positions. Ghughughughu.


  1. Frangible may have been an understatement (or an overstatement, depending on perspective), in light of today's developments.

    The cracks are spreading faster than I anticipated.