Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blogs a Poppin'

The MacYahYah prosecutes the prosecutor. The Comet is tempted to agree, but when you get down to it she was just following orders. More kindling for the impeachment fires.

Remember Blog for Equality day? That was awesome. Speak for Equality day is happening this Thursday. Be. Aware.

Bill Peduto insists we are in the eye of the hurricane. Be. Aware.

414 Grant Street has been alive lately. This post leads us in the most constructive direction we've seen yet on consolidation.

P-G Early Returns tries so very hard. It is focused like a microscope with laser beams attached to it on the day-to-day stuff. All of it. It is a Herculean undertaking, but one comes away wondering just which part was important.

Maria and we had a wonderful conversation on 2PJs on the topic of media sexism.

We agree with everything here from Teacher Wordsmith Madman. Elsewhere he is up to his old tricks -- bogus reductivism and scornful dismissal. In this case he is attempting to get ahead of the New Youth meme by infantalizing the entire contribution of Boomer idealism to American thought.

Sometimes, we think Mike Madison talks about high-end pastries too often. But since he has an equity streak a mile wide, let him eat cake!

Everybody's favorite guy has some advice, and a medium willing to inflict it upon us.

One thing that it needs to become is more open minded and tolerant. It needs to be more diverse and inclusive. I don't think it's a question of making jazzier restaurants or hipper bike trails. I think it's a question of being more open-minded.

Wow. Jazzier restaurants -slash- hipper bike trails get knocked? He is correct in his analysis, and being cavalierly nonpartisan about it!

Another thing the region suffers from is really poor leadership. It still reflects that top-down, vertical, 1950's organization mentality so you get these conflicts between old-style democratic political machine and business-led organizations.

D-FLA's been out of town for a while. He's at least halfway on the right track, maybe.

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