Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday: Captain Obvious

But what will it take to convince city residents that folding their government into the county's is in their interests?

"By telling them that the alternative is the status quo -- things are gong to remain as they are," Mr. Ravenstahl said. (P-G, Lord and Barnes)

Look at what's written on your hand: An infinite variety of consolidation plans are possible.

In Louisville, opposition emerged including members of their city council, African-American leaders who feared a loss of minority clout, and some labor unions. "The opposition campaign was basically one of fear," said Mr. Carlton.

So we know what doesn't work all by itself.

"Why was there no consultation from us when [the report] was put together?" said Mr. Shields...

"This is exactly the kind of thinking we're faced with that will not help us develop the region," Mr. Onorato said to great applause. "We can't fall back to that old style of politics of 'I wasn't told, I wasn't consulted,' if we want to move forward." (P-G, Karamagi Rujumba)

It is Mr. Shields' job to represent the interests of people who by and large would not be very well represented by the folks at the Allegheny League of Municipalities. That is precisely the point.


One Hill, a community group, delayed its planned announcement on Saturday to discuss action against management of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Group officials said the announcement was put on hold so group representatives could meet with the team's managers this weekend.

One Hill had planned to announce action targeting the owners of the team, which enters playoffs this week. Community organizers abruptly canceled a news conference scheduled yesterday, saying only that they wanted to continue to talk "in good faith" with the hockey team's owners. (Trib, Team Effort)

You know, one hopes that One Hill was not strong-armed into scrapping the initiative because the Penguins hockey team is commencing its big playoff run. One hopes that One Hill is not being strung along again, in the manner of the day of that dreadful City Planning commission hearing.

Michael Jackson wrote a song: If you want to be startin' somethin', you got to be startin' somethin'.

Please do not make us root for our hockey team to be eliminated, so that One Hill can then politely emerge to campaign for common neighborhood self-determination. We are capable of rooting for a Penguins victory on the ice and a Pittsburgh victory on the ground simultaneously.


If you would like to sign the online petition directed to Penguins president David Morehouse in support of One Hill and of community benefits agreements, CLICK HERE.

If you would like to watch the post-agenda session of council on Bill Peduto's campaign finance legislation, tune in today at 1:30 PM.

If you would like to watch the hearing of the Act 47 financial recovery boards with administration officials, it will be held on Tuesday at 7 PM, at the IBEW hall near the corner of Hot Metal and Carson. Ample, free parking!

If you are interested in the results of the race for the Democratic nomination for the 21st Legislative District, you should know that Len Bodack is a member of the Islam Grotto of the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm (Trib, Jeremy Boren).

We knew it had to be something.

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  1. So far, this is just an essay, one that took five months more than planned to produce. It looks like something an advertising firm would produce to showcase a city. And as everyone is saying, the devil will be in the details. Nordenberg said something typical of the way he runs Pitt “People can be provided with the specific information they have a right to receive”.

    So debts are to remain the responsibility of the City. No wonder there is no plan for a chief City official, no one would want the job. The best case is that City taxes will remain the same, and the cost savings from the merger will be used to pay down the debt and pay up the under funded pension. Lottsa luck.

    And the State reps saying that even State money can't be used to help with the debt. Maybe they could contrbute their latest raise.