Thursday, February 5, 2009

BREAKING: Blotzer Addresses Issues

District 2 special election runner-up Georgia Blotzer just released a statement. She does not say clearly whether or not she intends to run in the May primary, but she offers what appear to be some clues.

After emphasizing once again her Democratic party bona fides, she adds what I think is an interesting coda:

Mr. Burn had chosen the registration deadline for those seeking the endorsement, to be January 30th. By choosing this date, he disqualified two of the candidates participating in the special election. Why were we disqualified by this date?

The structure of the special election only allows the endorsed party candidates to have their names placed on the ballot. Any other democrat or republican interested in participating in this election had to register as a third party candidate. Thus, the structure forced me to either become a third party candidate, i.e. Independent or forgo having my name placed on the special election ballot.

Because of my change in party affiliation, I was a registered Independent on January 30th and was therefore ineligible to file for the Democratic Party endorsement for the May primary. On the 29th Jim Burn denied my request for a filing extension until after the special election.

Blotzer ends by declaring, "I am once again a Democrat".


  1. She forgot to go back and figure out how many months she worked for John Kerry. That's sloppy.

    In fact, her whole campaign was sloppy. She got slaughtered by incredible margins in the 20th and 28th wards, where no one knew who she was. This is inexcusable. She may make the argument that she didn't have time to get known there, but that doesn't hold water. It was obvious that Dan Deasy was going to be gone last April, and she (and anyone who was thinking about running)should have been at every fish fry, block watch meeting, and VFW bingo game in the district since then. Theresa Smith's extraordinary margin of victory in an type of election where only the most dedicated show up indicates to me that she understands this.

    It is fun and probably cathartic to blame Jim Burn for her troubles, but if you get votes in the single digits in 23 of 41 precincts, and zero votes in four precincts, you have failed on a far more fundamental level than the animus of one man can explain.

  2. I think 25% of the vote in a 4-way race in which someone else got to be the "D" is near-respectable.

    It's very true she will need to pick it up if she goes for it, but her experience in the special may demonstrate how.

  3. I should point out that Brendan Schubert and Chris Metz were both even worse candidates, except that no one seems to have particularly noticed they were running in the first place.

  4. Comes off as a sore loser to me.

    Nothing in there congratulating Smith on her win.

  5. Matt, I agree, that would have been a nice touch!

  6. Jim Burn did her a favor by not taking her $1,500. D endorsement payments are costly. The money goes to the winners too. So, in a way, it is as if your own money is used against yourself by your opponents.

  7. "So, in a way, it is as if your own money is used against yourself by your opponents."

    That's exactly the truth.

  8. Bram what is up with the america's most wanted picture in your pro?

  9. Time for change. You just made Ms. Mon and half my FB friends lol.