Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I successfully navigated my way to Chatham Hall, and from there I successfully found Tramp's, but I just could not find Sammy's Pizza. Now I see it wasn't on S. Main St. after all, it was on Nobelstown Rd. D'oh!

So let me be among the second to congratulate Theresa Smith on her definitive victory this evening. Enjoy your fellow council members!


  1. Yeah okay,Smith, another Luke supporter....woo hoo....Why don't we talk about the parade today...

    It was not the "public safety nightmare" as purported it would be. Give me a freaking break. The reality is, that people who support the Steelers, many of whom didn't get a free ride to the SuperBowl, wanted to see the players and support the team that they support year round. They buy their towels, shirts, and assorted paraphenalia. The players seemed to relish in the attention, but especially the coach Mike Tomlin, and guess what? It all went down, with an estimated cost of what????? $50,000? That was the majority of what the costs were for police overtime. Are you kidding me? Why didn't that come from campaign contributions?

    When the people come into this city, and spend at the coffee shops, parking, and wherever else they spent their money in attendance of todays festivities...Are you really freaking kidding me..that a public safety director...where the hell does he come from anyway?????
    He says that the Pittsburgh fans don't deserve a parade? That it is an aggravation, The fans relished in it...the players relished in it...someone needs to get a clue wake up Pittsburgh...Are ya really freaking kidding me????

    The only downside to the entire event was the fact that Onorato and Ravenstahl got on a truck with the players, ruining everyone's pictures. It's the superbowl team no one wants pictures with Ben and Ravenstahl, they want Ben. That and all of the reporters who have access to the players on a continual basis, but continued to take up the time that fans should have been able to enjoy. Nuf said.

  2. Theresa Smith was not the Luke supporter in the race. That's one reason why she won, BTW,

    Furthermore, to the post above, there was a parade, in case you missed it.

  3. "Onorato and Ravenstahl got on a truck with the players"

    Onorato was not on a truck with players.

  4. Onorato was not on a truck with players.

    That is false information Matt. He rode with Keyaron Fox

  5. Guess you didn't see Onorato on the truck Matt. Yes Mark, there was a parade, only after public outcry. The reasons that were sited for possibly not having a parade were, fear of public safety, fear for the players,(who appeared to enjoy themselves very much) and cost. etc etc etc...
    The parade went off, It was a very nice event.

  6. Guess I missed Keyaron Fox, as most people would have. He is nowhere the status a player Ben is. Fox is a special teams player.

    Politicians should not have been in the trucks with the players.

  7. I was super impressed by the CLEAN UP! If only we had that in our neighborhoods! And I didn't see any gaping potholes along the route, either. Amazing what those Steelers can do! I wonder how much Drink / Sales Tax was collected...

    And I did see Dan O. hogging all the glory. As if.

  8. On a truck. I'm with you, Matt. Unless that pol is currently on the Steeler's roster. I thought it really tacky

  9. It was tacky.

    You know what else regular people don't seem to like? The fact that D & L used campaign contributions to make their trip. Now, to me and maybe you, that seems like the thing you're allowed to do; you're not using any public money, and you're just screwing your campaign. But somehow I think regular people can smell that this is a person who yoinks money out of a fund meant for this purpose and treats themselves with it. Maybe they should have more respect for their campaigns and contributors than to raid it for a fun weekend? After all, they're not representing the City; the Steelers are doing that. If they were representing the City, it would have sent them.

  10. Politicians should not have been in the trucks with the players.

    I agree Matt. I don't remember Bob O riding in a truck with players.

    At least Dan O was in a truck with a special teamer. Of course Luke gets in the truck with the hero of the Super Bowl. Just like Tiger Woods at Oakmont.

    I'm sure the fans are thrilled that every photo they took of Ben has Luke Steelersteel in it.

  11. "And I didn't see any gaping potholes along the route, either."

    Believe it or not there is one on Grant Street right by 4th Avenue...ugh