Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Newsworthy, I Say!!!

"The only Democratic candidate in this race is Theresa Smith. She is running against a Republican and two third party fringe candidates."

... Jim Burn, ACDC Chairman, political mailer (Hoagie)

If one or more "third party fringe candidates" does better than expected tonight ... 30% would be a coup ... that's newsworthy. I'd like to hear the reaction of such an historic candidate to that.

Good luck, people!


  1. What makes me an expert in local politics? Experience. I am a sharp political mind who has been in this game since I was 16. Anyone who runs around here wants me on their side. My voice and endorsement carries weight in this area. I don’t get behind just anybody. Look me up if you want to know a thing or two about me.

    Best of luck today and remember…anyone but Blotzer.

    -Matt H on 15211.org

  2. There goes Matt endorsing a Republican again (since anyone but includes a Republican).

  3. I would rather have Republican Metz over Blotzer.

    Years ago we also supported Jim Roddey over Cyril Wecht.

  4. Matt - Then are you offended on behalf of Brendan Schubert? He's only a registered Democrat who works for the city.

  5. Georgia putting up BIG #s in her territiry. Smith racking up many smaller wins in hers. Notable: Windgap-Chartiers looks great for Theresa.

  6. Where are you getting that from?

  7. I'm at blotzer hq in beautiful dntwn. Chattham Village. Georgia's thanking her volunteers. The numbers lady isn't quite ready to give me odds yet.

  8. Ack! I wanted to go to her results watching party but my Mom's been in the hospital for a couple of weeks and I've been going over there (and to my grandmothers) virtually every night after work and I'm worn out.

  9. Now @ tramps w team Schubert. Results;

    Ts 48 pct
    Cm 9
    Gb 25
    Bs 17

    1000pct reporting.

  10. Unoffical results here

    Voter turnout was 10.41%

  11. I would rather have Republican Metz over Blotzer.

    Wow, Matt, I'm going to have to stop defending you if you keep making statements like that!

  12. Metz at least new the area and was familiar with my end of town where as Blotzer didn't.