Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday: Speaking of Which...

"Former state Sen. Vincent Fumo was found guilty by a federal jury today on all 137 counts against him." (P-G; A.P.)

Mayoral challenger Carmen Robinson does not think it is sporting for mayoral challenger Patrick Dowd to criticize Mayor Luke Ravenstahl in the way that he does. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

Remember Dowd's previous issue, the fund in the nature of an irrevocable trust? The ICA appears to have caved to his demands after all. Someone must have blinked. (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

A+ Schools gives the School District a C+. Incidentally, the Healthy School Bus campaign will be organizing at the School Board meeting this evening to agitate for diesel retrofitting of school bus engines. (P-G, Joe Smydo)

Something we can more or less all agree on: excellent that state Rep. Dan Frankel's statewide LGBTQ anti-discrimination ordinance is making good progress. Cheer him on. (PghLesCorr)

If you should happen to require direct access to my thoughts on U.S.A. Buchanan and the federal Justice Department, here is the link: (Pgh Comet)

Oh, yeah! "Divas". What do you think about that, fellow bloggers? (City Paper, Chris Young)


  1. Looks like the people of Clayton County Georgia agree with Patrick Dowd.

  2. Yea but they don't vote here.

  3. It illustrates that Superintendent John Thompson probably wasn't all that, and Patrick Dowd almost certainly did us a service by stepping in, finding a replacement, and managing the transition. He took all the inevitable slings and arrows and now he's looking vindicated. Or do you have a problem with the School District these past two years as compared to years past, please be specific.

    When was the last time our present mayor executed a personnel change of any kind without having it turn totally FUBAR?

  4. I am a diva.

    You got that right, petunia.

    Now bow.

    You are so not worthy.