Friday, March 20, 2009

Ravenstahl vs. Dowd (Now on YouTube!)

This is it. This is the one we've been building toward.

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  1. Battle of the shorts, as in animated short movies.

    I am planning on putting one up, perhaps tomorrow morning (short on time and all that).

  2. I know, and just a little addicting. I liked Ninja Dok, by the way.

  3. Why does Dowd have a British accent?

  4. Why does Dowd have a British accent?

    You serious?

  5. The software only gives three options for male English voices: American, British and Australian. Mindful that in the last video I gave Luke the American accent, in order to differentiate I gave Patrick an Australian accent.

    "That's not a knife, mate. This is a knife!"

  6. Schultz, yes, I am serious.

    Bram, o.k., I get it. Crocodile Dowd.