Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cheating: Not As Easy As It Used To Be

Two city council candidates running with the ACDC endorsement have been upended on the front page of the Post-Gazette almost immediately before the election.

John Robinson Block, the co-publisher and editor-in-chief of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, denounced the tactics of both campaigns.

"This is a deliberate, despicable campaign tactic and dishonorable in every way," Mr. Block said. (P-G, James O'Toole)

Can I interest you in blogging, Mr. Block?

Here is the misleading Reilly campaign literature. I went to bed with a guilty conscience for not having posted it yet, considering how I hammered away at Smith's similar literature -- but this morning I see the P-G's got it all under control.

.Robin & Robin

Not only is Reilly implicitly claiming the P-G endorsement, but also suggesting the support of Mayor Ravenstahl -- to which he is entitled (did anyone ever point out to Luke how much he owes the committee?) but of which he is not in possession.

I wish I had a scan handy of even more new Theresa Smith literature. The claim of a P-G endorsement is now absent, but baseless claims of having "secured funding" for fourteen community groups in her district remain. More amusingly, Smith's brother is shown shaking hands with the late Pope John Paul II -- who is misidentified in the photo caption as Pope Benedict XVI.

Wrong pope. The Councilwoman apparently doesn't know her popes.

She mispoped.

At any rate, if the Democratic party committee forfeits all influence over Pittsburgh City Council in part due to juvenile and unnecessary stunts like these -- considering what also happened in 2007 -- you've got to imagine heads are going to roll. They can't go on like this, forever earning the reputation and demonstrating the competence of Scooby Doo villains.


  1. Please show us that Smith mailer. The wrong pope? Classic. Is Matt h "helping" the Smith camp as well?

  2. Yes - he has shown up at community forums and attacked Smith's opponents by shouting out questions from the audience. (if you want to call that help.)

  3. Please explain where Reilly suggests that he has been endorsed by the Post Gazette. This is nothing but a desperate attempt destroy the reputation an honest person who has ran stand up campaign. What a joke!!!

  4. Is it surprising that Reilly and Smith did the same thing when Pete Wagner is working with both campaigns...

  5. Honest campaign?

    First, he dresses someone up in disguise to illegally vote in the endorsement, resulting in a lawsuit; later, sends a mailer that uses the Post-Gazette masthead, writes "endorsed Democrat", and uses a quote out of context; and finally, he attempts to imply that he has the support of Luke Ravenstahl.

    Reilly has NOT run an honest campaign. He deserves to lose.

  6. So in summary.

    -Reilly has tried to align himself with Ravenstahl (Is that something to be proud of?) and mislead the voters.

    -Coghill lied about his involvement in the BMA and is working with Matt H.

    -Rudiak has a Ravenstahl sign in her yard.

    They all sound questionable to me.

  7. Natalia Rudiak does not have a Ravenstahl sign in her yard! How many times does that have to be dispelled!

    Rudiak only has her own sign in her yard, it is the only sign she has ever had there since this election cycle began.

    Also, the commenter who made the Wagner link is right...I think these shenanigans all stem from Pete Wagner rather than from Reilly himself. While Reilly seems like a good guy, he is not the most talented campaigner I have ever seen and I think Wagner is trying to make a last minute push to avoid being embarrassed in his own back yard.

    But I just want to reiterate that Pat Reilly is a really nice guy.

  8. Pete Wagner must be defeated!

    Vote Blotzer & Coghill1

  9. I misalaid my glasses, so please forgive any typos. It is a bifocal thing and you younger people will understand one day. Eliminate Coghill and Weaver from the study of the best candidate. Reilly and Rudiak IS the race. My sister attended a community event and liked Reilly, want to know why? She said he seemed self conscious. Not full of himself. When there were a few moments where he was not being stroked by the Over-the-hill gang in the room, he seemed uncomfortable at being alone, unengaged. I suspect that no matter what affiliation he has at the moment (Wagner?), he can be a maverick down the road.
    I enjoyed talking to him and his fiance when they walked my neighborhood. We may do well if he is elected.

    Rudiak appears to have a zest for public life and service. She appears to be someone who fell into the role of candidate despite it being a distraction to her greater goal of "making a difference." We may do well if she is elected.

    Where Rudiak becomes the favorite with me is by NOT BEING associated with a Democratic powerhouse name.

  10. Anonymous 9:13 is Luke Ravenstahl.

  11. I agree with anon 10:40, the race is between Reilly and Rudiak. Reilly, young guy, not too sure of himself yet, but has put himself out there. Ms. Rudiak, I like her spirit, her background which doesn't include the machine.
    Weaver may be a nice guy, I simply don't know, but the history and course of BBI and Planning, well???? Doesn't set well with me as far as being a strong voice or advocate for the district when backed into a corner.

    Coghill, unfortunately, anyone the Mayor and Onorato send out endorsed literature for outside of the machine they are supported by? Is not getting my vote. It smells to me.

    All of the candidates are familiar and from various sections of the South Hills, but the race is Reilly and Rudiak and either of those two, this voter believes, will represent the South Hills well.

  12. Yow-ZA. Is anonymous 11:36 staying up til the kids get home too? With or without bi-focals?

    Anonymous 10:40

  13. I live in the district where Reilly works and have had contact with him on several occasions. He does seem like a nice guy, but he hasn't been terribly effective as a legislative aid from Manchester's perspective. Well, my Manchester perspective.

    Reilly should he held accountable for "lack of integrity" he demonstrated by either coming up with the idea or not resisting it. This is not leadership. He won't suddenly grow a spine if you allow these tactics to sweep him into office. You'll just reinforce that the machine grinds even the nice guys into capitulation.

    If Reilly is the decent guy you describe, he needs to step up and take responsibility. I want him to resign from Chelsa Wagner's team so Manchester can be served by a staff with demonstrated integrity. He needs to go back to and start over with a clean slate.

  14. Blotzer's Campaign literature in the mail states DEMOCRAT in Bold letters at the top of her flyer!
    She is not the endorsed Democrat.
    The flyer may confuse individuals
    who do not know Smith is the Endorsed Democrat. So, Blotzer
    is using false advertisement for her campaign. She keeps changing parties who she represents, the only party she will be a leader is if she holds her own tupperware party!

  15. You don't have to be "endorsed" to be a Democrat. Everybody knows this. I've never been endorsed by anybody and I'm a Democrat.

    Georgia never once in her life changed parties. She has worked hard for Democratic candidates for most of it. Since Allegheny County elections rules are screwy, in special elections the local party committee gets to hand-select one individual to represent the whole party on the ballot. Knowing she would not be picked by a majority of those people, she chose to appear on the ballot as an Independent in that election. That doesn't make her anything less of a Democrat. Now that we are back to holding a regular, fair election, she gets to appear on the ballot as the Democrat that she is.

    Now, what's this I hear about Theresa Smith having been a Republican in the past? That strikes me as considerably worse.

  16. Theresa used to be a Republican? And she has the support of Matt H and the mayor?

    I don't know what is worse.

  17. Misinformed mindless "endorsed" mentality. That is what's wrong with this sickening city and county. Are you people serious? Do you not know what a primary is? A primary is all voters choose who they believe would be the best candidate in the general election. A few committee people shouldn't have the decision of a candidate for thousands of voters. And you woonder why this region is a century behind?

  18. Anonymous May 17, 2009 11:27 AM,

    Georgia is a Democrat running in a Democratic primary race.

    What part of that don't you understand?

  19. It's just like how Coghill is allowed to run in the Primary as a Democrat. Even though his own party does not want him, unendorsed and unqualified candidates are still allowed to run in the primary.

  20. Why the hell don't you Pittsburgh yinzers just vote for who you think the best canidate is? What is wrong with you? The Democratic party is NOT putting a gun to your head and DEMANDING that you vote for who they endorse. Neither is the Post-Gazette. The fact that all of you rely on these "endorsements" to pick your next leaders is shameful and embarrasing.

    For shame Pittsburgh, for shame.

  21. should unendorsed candidates not be allowed to run?

  22. I definitely think unendorsed candidates should be able to run.

    For example, in District 4 Coghill has made this such a good race. Sometimes it takes a candidate like Anthony for the voters to realize what really is the best choice. In a one horse race we never would have had the information that we do about Coghill, like how he lied about being in the BMA when he was not active for 2 years. Or how Theresa Smith tried to hoodwink voters into thinking she was the endorsed candidate. So it's the really poor choices in a race that really make the good choices even better.