Thursday, May 14, 2009

District 4: Coghill the Maverick? Really?

I just submitted this as a comment but it really deserves a new thread of its own, if only to maintain a semblance of order around here:

This whole Coghill as the "anti-machine" candidate idea is the biggest fairytale I've ever heard!

No doubt Patrick Reilly has the strong backing of Wagner, Wagner and possibly Wagner, but Anthony Coghill enjoys the equally ardent backing of the rest of the City and County Committee, including the Chairman, by all indications.

The whole "lawsuit" scheme was cooked up as a pretense to allow Committee folk who are on the other end of the intramural squabble to back an unendorsed candidate without suffering the usual slings and arrows that come with Committee treason.

Who doesn't know this? Really.

Reilly is a puppet of the Committee Hatfields. Coghill is a puppet of the Committee McCoys. Natalia Rudiak is the only candidate in the field that is not being led around by the nose by party antediluvians. She would also be a fantastic influence upon the rest of the Council, in my educated opinion, and be about as energetic and intelligent a voice for the district as anyone could ask for, hands down.

However, a demerit must go to the Post-Gazette for running two pro-Coghill letters to the editor on two consecutive days, despite the wide-open four-candidate field. I have to admit, Matt H really knows how to bait a hook.

Reilly and Coghill: two puppets fighting one another...


  1. Can I mention how Coghill lied about being in the BMA now?

  2. Anon 6:15 - You mean this comment by Don Bell, President of the Beechview Merchants Association? Go right ahead.

    If nothing else, let's all strike a blow for personal integrity on May 19th.

  3. coghill is a ravensthal tool

    opposes use of computers. what a visionary...

  4. Anyone who knows anything about the District 4 race will tell you that Rudiak is the 3rd place candidate.

    Her and Blotzer look like the same candidate. Strong in their hometown but extremely weak where all the votes are.

    Bram should the PG not run 2 well written pro-Coghill articles just because they have endorsed Rudiak?

    The PG is going to be 0-4 on their council & Mayor endorsements.

    In the 4 pieces of literature my house got and in the door piece Coghills team never makes mention of that merchants association.

  5. It's the old committee playbook!

    1. So and so "can't win".

    2. So and so doesn't leave their neighborhood.

    Just repeat it and repeat it and repeat it and eventually people will think it's true.

    If they're still using it on Natalia at this late date someone obviously thinks she's a threat ... it only makes sense in a 4 way race in which the Committee is split right down the middle to make voters second-guess a vote for anyone else as "wasted". Man, you guys know what you're doing, I'll give you that!

  6. yes, Bram. That is exactly what I meant. Coghill is is the same boat as Smith. Both have been exposed as liars.

  7. "Anyone who knows anything about the District 4 race will tell you that Rudiak is the 3rd place candidate."

    Just because you say it a lot doesn't mean that it's coming true.

  8. It really amazes me how much the Coghill trolls hold to the conviction that he is the candidate to beat despite lots of evidence to the contrary. If Rudiak can't win, why has she out-raised Coghill 3 to 1? I mean, you can't just scoff at $60,000 and act like that doesn't reflect real support in the community or that it's not going to have an impact on Election Day. Get real.

    Winning an election is like running a marathon...the candidate who speaks with the most voters wins. Plain and simple. So, again, look back at how many petition signatures each candidate turned in. Rudiak led the pack by far with 1,100 signatures. Coghill had 400, and reilly had 300. She has had a solid commitment to knocking doors (she knocking on my door in February!), and that is also going to have a huge impact on Election Day.

    Its amazing to me how people can ignore the basic nuts and bolts of political campaigns and still think they (or their favorite candidate) will win.

    Coghill groupies! Where is the evidence?? Its just not there...Rudiak is killing Coghill in every publicly available measure and its a hard pill to swallow for some in the 4th district.

  9. turning in the most signatures months and months ago doesnt mean anything...

    if Rudiak has talked to so many damn people then why are her signs barely being seen in the 19th ward and in overbrook? she must not be relating to them since coghill owns the most signs in the field followed by reilly.

  10. I've got an idea. How about we just scrap the election and give the seat to whoever has the biggest signs?

  11. "why are her signs barely being seen"

    Earlier this week, Coghill's campaign manager was spotted following a Rudiak canvasser and removing literature left at doors. Maybe the signs have met a similar fate?

  12. You are right, turning in the most signatures months and months ago doesn't, in itself, mean anything on Election Day.

    I mentioned that to show the commitment to door knocking Rudiak has had--she knocked on my door when there was still snow on the ground! At the end of the day, that is what wins elections.

  13. Yard signs don't mean anything. Coghill has put his signs up all over the place, on vacant houses, on public property, on people's yards who don't know him and never asked for one. I will say this...the lengths Coghill's campaign has gone to manufacture the image of real support are tremendous.

    If you look at Coghill's campaign finance statements online, he spent more than $6,000 on yard signs! Thats a huge amount, about 1/4 of all of the money he has raised! That is a total waste of money...

  14. all false accusations....the rudiak people are so desperate on the net these days

  15. Rudiak people? Anthony's campaign manager jumps from blog to blog posting stuff about Coghill all day.

    We all know that's not true and Rudiak did not lie about her involvement in the BMA - like Coghill.

    Coghill is a liar. Who would vote for him?

  16. They aren't really false accusations...I mean, no Coghill supporter has stepped up to explain away Rudiak's fundraising advantage, her endorsement advantage, or her organizing advantage.

    Those things are real, you can't just wish them away. How is Coghill going to compete against that kind of a campaign?

  17. I think he is competing by having the worst people possible running his campaign, lying and trying to outdo his opponent with signs.

  18. Look how foolishly she is spending her $$ $$$ all that rent/ fees in the realm of $15000 to Matt Preston who can't run a District 4 race...give me a break.

    I seriously doubt that Matt h has time to be on here since he is working full-time on the district 4 would like to think that he is the only 1 supporting coghill...

    its so funny that these sign and literature stealing accusations are being made by supporters of one camp...Rudiak. They are making them because they are running far behind Reilly & Coghill....they clearly sense that coghill is the leader since her last lit piece was an attack on coghill and coghills quest to right the wrong that was committed at the endorsement day.

    you can clearly see that matt h is barely able to keep attention to his own blog since he is only posting pictures and those sorts of things...

    you obsessive folks are unreal.

    whether the guy is right or wrong atleast he sticks his neck out there and doesn't hide in the shadows like most of you do.

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  20. "Winning an election is like running a marathon...the candidate who speaks with the most voters wins."

    I have no dog in this fight but what does this phrase mean? I understand the idea that an election is a marathon ("slow and steady", "constant effort", "long, painfull process"). But the second phrase doesn't evoke any marathon imagery in my mind.

    Now if you said, "an election is like a basketball game, the candidate with the most votes wins," that would make sense.

  21. totally. who needs matt preston or any political consultant for that matter, when you have matt hogue?

    brown nosing idiocy with no campaign management experience is priceless.

  22. I weep for the day when Coghill loses and Matt finds himself in the position of backing the loser in addition to being a loser.

    It's going to be a real humbling experience for him as well as for Coghill. It's a good thing Coghill has a day job. Matt can fall back on blogging.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. I like his blog beacuse it teaches me that no matter how bad something turns out in my life there is always somebody else that has it worse.

    And I disagree, he does have lots going for him in life, but nothing in the political arena. After this race I suspect that he will once and for all be declared toxic and no one will want his support. It's already started to happen and I hear that the committee is not to happy with him for his work on the Coghill campaign (If you could call it that)

  25. Coghill has put a lot of fun in this race. It's too bad it's fun at the expense of others.

  26. how about Coghill getting some more good press and Reilly getting smoked in the PG today?

    It seems like everything Reilly or his supporters do backfires and helps his chief rival Coghill.

  27. who cares what the committee thinks? what can they do about it?

    why is it that everyone bashes the committee for being a machine but when someone bucks it like Matt H does people talk about how "the committee doesn't like it that Matt H is working for Coghill?"

  28. Anon 3:26 = Matt H. he's just too scared to use his real name.

  29. That doesn't make any sense you turd.

  30. It makes perfect sense. Who else was posting at that time in the morning... minutes apart on different sites?

    The answer is Matt H.

    Sorry. Busted in a lie again Matt. When will you learn?

  31. Oh, and don't think that you are cool enough to "buck" the committee and stick around. They are going to come after you hard and it is going to be oh so funny.

    The turd.

  32. Mr. Reilly may have the Wagners and various imposters on his side, and Mr. Coghill may have the Ravenstahls and Onoratos as his puppeteers, but Natalia Rudiak has the Infindorsement.That and $60,000 might buy a successful campaign, although I recognize that Ms. Rudiak's solid education and record of achievement are handicaps in a city election.


  34. Coghill is a liar! Coghill is a liar!
    Coghill is a liar!