Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Hospitality Industry

As you know there is a formal City Council public hearing scheduled for Monday, and there is proposed legislation that will be aired at that.

But seriously -- now what?

"I see the hospitality industry coming back to Pittsburgh," said Ernest Williams, an employee of the Pittsburgh Hilton and a member of SEIU. "Our first goal should be to protest Continental hotel, which is on the North Side," he added. (P-G, Karamagi Rujumba)

No objections over here! I'd say also the airborne hotel in the East End merits a truly lusty protesting. Ordinarily it's risky to divide one's forces, but such a thing would illustrate the City-wide nature of the grievances, as well as the administration's specific track record when it comes to working people.

"Air-rights" for a 2nd floor hotel. Never let it be said that Pittsburgh city government is not innovative.

Also, we have must-read material: the Trib's Carl Prine.


  1. Oh come on--it's "rock and roll" Prine, the Rambo of local journalism. He'll trump up any anti-Democratic, anti-liberal bit of trash just to get a chuckle out of his employer. Remember the recent joke (if only) article about prostitutes being more likely to register D than R? Ha, ha. Good one for talk radio.

  2. Good god, look what happens while I'm on vacation...

    Bram, de-cafe!


  3. Went from 'to' Verizon FIOS....

    Monk blog is not worth saving...wasn't worth saving prior to FIOS. Difficult to retain idenity

    Bloggers beware...

    City Council wants payment center localized...

    How about a provision that maintains and transfers idenity (?)

    Big question for small minds...