Friday, July 31, 2009

The Time: 1983

The Album: Cuts Like A Knife


  1. One more thing -- how's this for a PA state budget compromise: fund education and social services, slash deeply into "economic development"?

    That is an excellent idea Bram. State "Economic Development" money finds its way to those who need it least: large developers, corporations, and construction companies.

    Limited tax dollars should go to education, not organizations that fund political campaigns.

  2. How about prevailing wages (and, pending Living Wage) for Unions and their members...cut, cut, and cut. Dry up Union Contributions to Politicians...

    The Truth be told...Union Organizations are largest contributors to political campaigns…(Democrats, saviors of the poor except if they are white and living in Union owned Trailer Park.)

    Still awaiting decision ZBA ruling in case #109-09: International Union of Boilermakers local 154 vs Residents of Alpark Terrace.

    The Union exploited the residents, and feel comfortable doing so. Union contributions are comfort food to Politicians….fat and happy, all…

    Can’t wait to read decision concerning ZBA Case # 109-09 as a participant in discussions!

  3. But, I digress…

    If decision is not forthcoming in ZBA case # 109-09 in next several days the Court of Common Pleas may be notified. The 45 day window to render decision has expired.

    The ZBA needs to ‘shit or get off the pot’! (do you think they’re on pot?)

    Residents of Alpark Terrace are making ‘life altering decisions” in vacuum.

    Financial hardship only need be quantified and charges be affixed to those responsible.

    No questioned Alpark Terrace Residents have been harmed. May have something to do with profiling..