Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pat Ford's Group: "We're Closer Than You Think" [VIDEO]

The Pittsburgh Business Times is co-hosting "3-2-1 Corridors of Opportunity" seminars for professionals and business representatives in the tri-state area, touting the advantages of a regional approach to economic development which emphasizes identification with Pittsburgh, PA.

It is encouraging to see our more distant neighbors turning towards us for economic strength, though the campaign seems mostly to be about wooing the attentions of our own cherished Western Pennsylvania developers outside what we think of as the region.

As several at the event put it, "We're closer than you think". Watch this short video:

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  1. This is Pat Ford's group.


  2. Yes - title altered to reflect that.

  3. Tom Murphy was a great leader in terms of getting TIFs to be passed. He and his cronies led the way and others were able to duplicate his dealings.

    That's devilish leadership. TIFs are bad.

    The RAD Tax of Allegheny County is another first of its class leadership thing that we've been trailblazing for a while.

    Churn and burn.

  4. Just noticed the Wormtail/Voldemort photo. Which is which?

  5. Truth be known that has more to do with the fact that I saw Goblet of Fire last night in order to catch up before Half-Blood Prince than anything else. I only included Wormtail because he helps to identify shriveled fetus Voldemort. However, I suppose if there was a Wormtail it would have to be Chuck Svokas, Hancock County Administrator for Economic Development.

  6. Damn fine analogy.