Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Why Don't We Call It Pittsboorrla?"

I just looked through the Northside Chronicle deeply for the first time. Pretty dense and juicy for a neighborhood paper.

Councilwoman Darlene Harris suggests that you watch the above video (though hyperlinks embedded in newsprint don't work so well), praises East Allegheny resident and Doug Shields chief of staff Selena Schmidt for launching a "two-bag dogwalk" litter pickup campaign, and urges Northsiders to apply to the Stimulus Oversight Committee to satisfy her nomination to that panel. That last part wasn't in the paper but I'm writing it here.

State Rep. Don Walko is pleased that Gov. Rendell signed into law four health-care measures which he supported.

State Rep. Chelsa Wagner "strongly commends" Northside United for its efforts and urges residents to "lend their support". Speaking of which, the North Shore Uglitheater is once again theoretically on the agenda at the Planning Commission today, maybe we'll get lucky.

*-UPDATE: I mean, um ... *-ANOTHER THING:

The MGR Youth Peace Rally is TODAY in Market Square! The Pre-Rally starts at 12:30 (learn to scratch! make screen-printed tees!) and the Rally itself starts at 1:30. Hear youth from all over Pittsburgh speak out through poetry, songs, speech, dance, and more about Silencing the Violence in our communities. City council members Bill Peduto and Patrick Dowd will also be speaking, as will community activists Paradise Gray, Jasiri X, and others. It's free and all are welcome!

No-where can I find what M-G-R stands for.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! We're gearing up to make our website as dense and juicy as the paper edition. You might be interested in our work on Stimulus funds affecting the Northside: (www.thenorthsidechronicle.com/blog)

    check us out! we're fodder worthy.

    -henry clay webster,
    managing editor