Saturday, January 6, 2007

GOP Redistricting Proposal

Pittsburgh Republican Committee Chair Bob Hillen (pictured) frames his party's City Council redistricting proposal as a way to bolster African-American representation in city government. He assures Christian Morrow of the Corrier that “It would be political suicide to eliminate council’s two African-American districts in the process. They won’t eliminate Black districts—not if they want to walk the streets.” If one of the two at-large districts is won by a black candidate ... he suggests a GOP candidate would be a shoo-in, and the Comet wonders if he already has a brother in mind ... that would make for 3 out of 7, a definite gain from the current 2 out of 9. It would also improve the Republican presence from 0 of 9 to 1 of 7, and the first Republican on Pittsburgh City Council in SEVENTY YEARS!!!

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