Thursday, January 4, 2007

Morning Line: Not an Easy Day for Us

Transit Cuts: The Trib's Jim Ritchie quite properly led his story with the fact that the Port Authority is intending to do less, for more money. And to answer your next question, Onorato insists he is not making these proposals to cause mass hysteria, hold bloody public hearings, and thereby shock the PA legislature into action. No, no, no, no, no.

Elsewhere in the Trib, with their trademark class, an editorial calls the transit budget a "cluster cluck," and hails the cuts.

"People are talking about looking for jobs outside of Pittsburgh and no longer coming into Downtown Pittsburgh." That pitch-perfect, pol-frightening quote from a certain New Kensington commuter Dennis Lewandowski kicks off Dan Major's obligatory P-G reaction piece. The Wabash Tunnel and North Shore Connector projects are later questioned as expenditures perhaps better deserving of the axe than so many existing routes.

Meanwhile: Save our Transit needs friends now more than ever.

Wechtgate: George Hollis, former chief histologist of the Allegheny County coroner's office, has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in the case against Dr. Cyril Wecht. Those prosecutors allege Mr. Hollis spent a "significant and substantial" amount of public time doing work for Dr. Wecht's private firm. The P-G story by Paula Reed Ward made no mention of whether or not Attorney Stallings was simply motivated by resentment of Dr. Wecht's massive intellect.

(Histology: The study of the structure, chemical composition and function of the tissue or tissue systems of plants and animals)

Save the Penguins: Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Winnipeg, Hartford. These cities are cited by the Trib's dynamic duo Andrew Conte & Rob Rossi, who alert us that the scary guy from the Kansas City sports desk is not our only nemesis. The timing of Lemieux's visit to K.C. suggests he's simply gaining leverage, yet a six-way bidding war would require a pretty spectacular Plan B+++.

Am I crazy, or did Mayor Ravenstahl sound kind of downbeat as he discussed this with Larry Richert on KDKA this morning? Note how he slud in that he originally endorsed the Isle of Capri plan. Not a forward-thinking comment.

Meanwhile, a P-G editorial ridiculously chides Bill Cowher for taking too long in mulling over his retirement, in an obvious fit of transference over their real frustration: Mario's indecision. Which the P-G cannot savage for fear of sending the big guy over the brink.

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