Saturday, January 6, 2007

Save the Penguins

KDKA's Andy Sheehan adds some much-needed perspective to the whole Penguins arena imbroglio. Most of us forget that Mario Lemieux is not the majority owner of the Pens -- that honor goes to billionaire Ron Burkle, pictured. Not only is Burkle described as a friend of former President Bill Clinton, but also of Governor Ed Rendell, to whom he has made significant campaign contributions. So although Lemieux (R-Sewickley) might be getting a little fed-up with the prevailing politics and politicians of our region, there is reason to believe, as the Comet has insisted, we should all calm down and let the little dance play out.


  1. Is Lemieux really an "R" (said in the Pirate style)?

  2. Hecks yeah. I know he was active for Specter (of course, he's awfully moderate), but his name pops up at Republican fundraisers and the like.