Monday, March 5, 2007

Ravenstahl: 602-163

This is how WTAE reports it:

"Acting Mayor Wins Nomination In Landslide"


"At the end of the day they decided to back acting Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who took over when former Mayor Bob O'Connor died of cancer in September."

This is how the P-G's Early Returns breaks it down:

"... while Mr. Peduto may be the better talker, the mayor seemed to be listening to them. And there was an element of payback involved for committee members who are also city workers. Mr. Peduto supported the budget trimming that resulted in job losses and pay cuts, while Mr. Ravenstahl as a councilman opposed them until the final vote."

Care of the Trib's Jeremy Boren, here is pundit extraordinaire Joe Mistick:

"Every vote that a challenger gets is really an accomplishment ... Ravenstahl was supposed to win. The fact that (Peduto) came up with 163 votes means he has some credibility within the committee."

Further throwing the curve of the average age for AC/DC endorsees, Rachel "Winnie" Cooper, 22, of Homewood, won the nod for the District 9 council seat held by the embattled Twanda Carlisle.

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