Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CORRECTION: Rudiak Interview *

In a write-up of an interview with D-4 candidate Natalia Rudiak, I included this sentence: She suggested setting up desks for public officials at some sporting events for interaction with the community.

She suggested no such thing. The notion of informational desks at sporting events was mentioned to me by Councilwoman Darlene Harris on the following day.

The Comet regrets the error very much. Go read the Hoagie to learn more about Ms. Rudiak's actual ideas.

* UPDATE: Oh, and this.


  1. What do you think about that idea?

    I don't like it too much.

  2. Why? I have no problem with it. I'm not sure how practical it is, though.

  3. So should city council members be sitting outside of Pirates games?

  4. Sure, if they are targeting Yinzers who blindly support an corrupt organization.

  5. I just don't see what sporting events public officials should have to go and sit at.

    If I'm on my way to a sporting event I don't want to stop at a table and talk politics with someone.

    These officials have office numbers & E-mail addresses I can reach them at.

  6. Matt -- I don't think Harris intended participation to be compulsory.