Monday, February 9, 2009

Shields: Answering Questions Today After 1:30 UPDATE: Sike, Made You Look!


UPDATE: This just in:

With the encouragement and support of many people, I have seriously considered running for Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh. At this time, the right choice for me, for this Council, and for the people of Pittsburgh is to continue to serve as Council President.

City Council's positive image and strong record of accomplishment is very gratifying to me. Leadership means being willing to serve the bigger picture over personal ambition. In these difficult economic times, we have serious financial and governance issues to work through. As we face these many challenges, I believe that leading Council is how I can best serve the city.

What the citizens in Pittsburgh most need is a productive common agenda, not a divisive political campaign. I pledge to continue working in the best interests of the people who elected me.

EDITORIAL: What the citizens in Pittsburgh most need is strong, ethical, competent leadership. However, we don't need distraction after distraction and gratuitous infighting -- so we salute Mr. Shields on his principled decision.

And now, onward with greater clarity.


  1. To run or not to run, that is the question. What is Doug's answer?

  2. Hate to see big deal coverage about nonstarter nothingness. Give front page ink to those who are not running. Meanwhile, those who are get squat.

    The only hope of a race from Doug Shields would have been for a springboard for the one to break from his camp for the November election. I'm also hungry for ethical, competent leadership.

    I can dream about a 1-2 punch, can't I? To say the least, my dream and that of Doug's were not even close to common ground.

  3. I am sorry to see that Shields is not running. In an economy such as this it would take deep pockets. Luke has the deep pockets, he made sure of it before he spoke of campaign finance reform. Him and his cohort in crime the dirty "O".

    I am upset only that it appears that our city our region is resigned to more of the bully politics that come from the current administrations. When I looked for the definition of leadership, it does not say "bully". However that is what we have. We have allowed it. I have faith that on this playground the phonies will be exposed at some point in time. Someone will rise up and punch them in the nose, and say enough is enough. A bully is just a coward in disguise. Every dog has its day, but for the time being, it appears we will let sleeping dogs lie.

  4. Bram,
    by the way, the new pic, although younger looking, does look like a mug shot.

  5. Help us, Patrick Dowd; you're our only hope...

  6. That's pretty corny, 8:39, but there's no earthly reason he can't win if all the people who would presently prefer him to win actually put their backs into it. I just gave that orange "DONATE" button on some exercise -- it seems to work fine. My guess is that will work better than any Star Wars references.

  7. Is Pat an ABL candidate or is there a reason to vote for him specifically? Because he needs to give people a reason not to vote for the endorsed Democrat and also to vote for Pat Dowd.

  8. The number one thing he needs to do IMO is whup together a positive vision for the city and the region. Hopefully his silence in recent weeks means he's hard at work in the Patcave working on just that. However, a cursory look at his '07 site under Issues tells me he was hitting on all the themes back then that we've all become interested in since. It'd be uncanny, if the challenges weren't so obvious.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's not an ABL thing so much as an ABT thing: Anyone But Them. I'm very practical. Most of the forces that trouble me just don't have an investment in him, and I find that encouraging. The number one problem with Shields' potential candidacy would have been it would have been hard portray him as something new.

  9. Dowd might be an ABT candidate, but in a different context. ABT could be: women and/or blacks and/or ex-public safety employees and/or lawyers.

    You can dream about an Easter arrival from the Patcave, a big splash and a change to the world. Or, you can help those who are already trying to do such for some time. Dream or reality.

    It seems to me that the train with the "anyone but" slot has left the station. A late arrival to the ballot will diminish those efforts and insure the election of the existing mayor.

    But, it isn't too late to get on board with someone from beyond Grant Street.

    That is prudent generosity, IMHO. And, until proven otherwise, why so blind?

  10. Anon 1:00 AM - Point taken. This weekend, I will take and post (probably not here) a couple dozen pictures of myself using iPhoto Booth. Readers will get to vote on the one that makes me look least like I just got swept up at a DUI checkpoint. One lucky participant will win an endorsement for the political or judicial candidate of their choosing. Your results may vary.