Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday: I Like Things That Are Great.

"Prosecutors"?! Who the hell are "prosecutors"? (P-G, Jonathan D. Silver)

This little essay gets better and better and better every time I read it. And I am continually reading it. (Pgh Is A City)

The Rad-Mid has totally hit its stride:

Baby Boy? They had to clarify? What other kind of Bris is there? Am I in Pittsburgh, or the Sudan? (P-G, Radical Middle)

Let me also forward this post along for your consideration: a gambit that was always one of my favorite features of the old TWM.

Blogger Chad Hermann is also taking upon himself some lengthy prose. I find it a little hard to concentrate on -- Hermann still tends to angry-up the blood something fierce, and besides which we are living in the age of progressive ADD -- but those parts of this one that I glimpsed through my fingers while I was partially obscuring my view of the monitor looked good. As a bonus, he embedded what is now one of the top ten fiction-based YouTube vids I've seen so far this year.


As you know, Teh Blogrolls are being tinkered with as usual. If you are enjoying what's been going on over at Chris Schultz's Thoughts on Government ... and other stuff, bookmark it now, because pretty soon I'm replacing it on the top tier with THE HUDDLER.

Null Space is TOTALLY WAILING! With the Mon-Fayette Expressway seemingly as weak as its ever been, Smallstreams chimes in to tell us it's time to revisit the Citizen's Plan for the MVX (LINK). Also, some of us are wondering whether leasing the parking garages is even going to come close to "saving" the pension funds, while others of us are wondering whether we can do anything more profitable than continuing to operate the lots ourselves (LINK).

Richard Florida is totally relevant -- he's not automatically right about anything, but he's more relevant than ever. These excerpts that Madison provides have me thinking that Pittsburgh should be promoting its incredibly brilliant, tightly packed constellation of universities (tm). (Pittsblog 2.0)

I didn't see very many Steelers standing around here:

Once Harrison ran up the backside of Deshea Townsend (thereby informing him of his intentions) I saw a bunch of blocks getting thrown, and exploding Cardinals.


  1. Replacing it so soon? Didn't I just make the top tier, uh, yesterday? lol

  2. Sorry Schultzy, you'll just have be happy down there with Mayo, Hermann and Specter... ;)

  3. I hear she gave it to Illyaras, or however you spell her name. Have you guys kissed yet?

    BTW, it's "whale" not "wail". Unless you really mean that Briem is crying on it.

  4. I'm fairly certain one "wails" on a guitar, for example...