Friday, March 20, 2009

Comet Twittercast


Well, that's one way to motivate me to do a new Comet Twittercast. Why doesn't the mayor want to have a debate in May? Is he ... chicken? Bok bok bok? (more)

Volunteers, eh? Why not just promote some of them to staff, if he's having trouble finding decent help in the city? (more)

My favorite Vince Lascheid memory: the P.A. Announcer says, "The Pittsburgh Penguins welcome our guests from the Toyota Car Company!", and the organ plays that Chinese music snippet that goes, "Da na na na - na na - na na - NA!" Totally inappropriate, totally hysterical. (more)


Every breath you take!


  1. I believe Vince Lascheid was the only organist ever to have his own banner hanging in the stands. I can't recall what it said, but I can clearly remember the dark yellow banner with spray-painted black letters hanging at Three Rivers. I don't know how many years there were when he was the only reason to see a Bucs game.

    Vince Lascheid, baseball immortal. Rest in peace.

  2. BTW, I know exactly what you're talking about wrt the "Toyota" music. That is hysterical.

  3. Let me see if I got this straight?
    The mayor is advertising outside of the city,in D.C. no less, for help on his campaign? This can't possibly be true is it?

    Why would this be necessary? Is this where the war chest of campaign contributions will be spent, on salary and housing for personnel that live not only out of city but out of the State?

  4. Jerry,

    If memory serves, that banner said "Vince Lascheid, Pirate Pride." Yes?