Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Congratulations, PittGirl!

Winner of the City Paper 2007 Readers' Poll for Best Pittsburgh Blog.

In other news, Luke Ravenstahl won for Best Pittsburgh Politician, and Bill Peduto won for Best Pittsburgh Political Activist. Go figure.


  1. Footnote: Sonni Abatta won for Best Looking Pittsburgh Celebrity (Female) over Christina Aguilara, Wendy Bell, and Patrice King Brown.

  2. Should Christina Aguilera really be eligible as a "Pittsburgh celebrity?" I mean, how far removed do you have to be to be chucked out of that category?

  3. As to flooding the ballot box with ballads of angst -- Cathasaigh -- 2nd place tie in the best solo artist category. Way to go girl!

  4. Peduto -- this year! Full page photo too! And, 3rd place goes to "N/A."

    Go figure.

    The refs in Morgantown did a better job!

    At least we (Libertarians) got noted in the Create Your Own "best of" -- as the best political party.

  5. Prediction for next year's 'best of the best' Detroit Don Barden get's the node for best erected piece.

  6. "how far removed do you have to be to be chucked out of that category?"

    If the MSM is any indication, you're n-e-v-e-r chucked out of that category. Any Pittsburgh connection they can make to fabricate news, man.

    Patrice King Brown:
    Iranian president Mahmud Ahnadinejad railed against Isreal today, calling it the peg boy of the United States.

    Don Cannon:
    That's right, Patrice. And in Pittsburgh today, we found an Iranian expatriate who doesn't like blintzes! He also shares Ahnadinejad's first name. Ken Rice is here with the story...