Monday, December 10, 2007

A Taste of the Future

Luke is described as having "hit for the cycle" last week, which we remember from history class as having something to do with baseball. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Michael Lamb is quoted twice offering his assessments, for no overwhelmingly important reason.


Not everybody is stoked about the new Federal Street library. (P-G, Diana Nelson Jones)

"What's the biggest thing we have going for us?" Mr. Tessitor asked, answering, "History." He said he believes an old library, refurbished to be cost-efficient, could be a bigger lure to development up the Federal corridor than a new one built in an area of "underachieving real estate."

We hear you -- but with the mayor's Slugging Percentage being where it is right now, with the help of that new lumber called "A New Way Of Thinking" or "A Different Thought Process" or whatever, we're going to choose our battles pretty carefully.


Speaking of, we asked a certain Joanne Ridge for a copy of her comments at the recent School Board hearing, because her's was our favorite.

The bottom line: money. Two years ago plans to disband Schenley were put on hold--to figure how to combat the many objections to closing it. The slogan may be “better education” but the motivation is financial gain. Both Schenley and Frick in the heart of Oakland, surrounded by the University of Pittsburgh, ever growing, ever reaching, and running out of real estate to do so. And, someone badly wants Schenley to close. So, we are being set up.

The full text should be available here (FIXED: Sorry, our first Google Document). It does get a little purple at times -- and remember that's us telling you -- yet as spoken word it was quite powerful.


P-G columnist Brian O'Neill is all-in on the Promise.

Nor can anyone ask UPMC to do more to help the city where 11,000 of its employees live. The Oakland giant not only gave this program a jump-start, but a full tank of gas and the first year of payments.

He is not only underestimating the Comet's own stubborn intransigence, but overestimating the PR value of donating fifteen percent (15%) of one (1) year's "excess margin" spread over a period of ten (10) years.

The move has thus far generated zero letters-to-the-editor favorable to UPMC, but one unfavorable letter in the P-G, another in the Trib, and a very uneven Trib editorial. The P-G Ed Board has yet to chime in.

O'Neill also overlooks Highmark and the other Mega-Nonprofits that would be compelled to chip-in by a common-sense amendment to State Act 55, which would impact not only college-bound students, but public safety departments, sewer authorities, and good old-fashioned K-12 schools.

Special to Senator Ferlo: are we still tilting at that windmill? What's the latest?


"Anything that is sold at a bar, with the exception of six-packs (of beer) ... that's a poured drink," Weinstein said. (Trib, Justin Vellucci)

Are we in for a renaissance of those buckets full of pony bottles and ice?

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  1. I know at least one bar in Brookline that regularly advertises buckets.