Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fiddling with the Blogroll

MacYapper provides aid and comfort to Cyril Wecht, and also attributes the outbreak of Spanish Kennywood panic to Pittsburghers' loathsome fear of change.

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents gives McIntire the award for Best Dressed, even though the social worker in her is APPALLED!

Cognitive Dissonance pleads no contest to laziness, and also finds everything about the timing of the Pittsburgh Promise interesting.

Agent Ska packs it up.

The Other Other is teaming up with the Other Other Other Other.

Pennyslvanians are tops in the pork department. Early Returns didn't quite say it like that, but we just did.


  1. I got bumped down the blogroll?

  2. It would appear so. There is fluidity in this, of course.

    You had been taking a break from blogging with your regular frequency, and also to a degree a break from citywide issues.

    Your many fans will know how to reach you through Recommends.