Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday: Elevensies

What can we say? Matt H sets the bar in terms of Kennywood commentary.

I am willing to give them a try. Maybe nothing will change. Maybe no one will even notice that it changed owners. Maybe the park will be better? Did anyone ever think of that? There is always room for improvement everywhere, even Kennywood Park.

That's just the obvious stuff. Then there's this:

If the owners of Kennywood Park were so family orientated and community friendly then why is there talk they they owe the borough of West Mifflin about a million dollars in back taxes? Will the borough put a lien on the property? Will the borough be able to face a legal battle with a giant corporation that has endless resources?

We now share these concerns. At least some public schools, out in that direction, could really use the tax money generated by all that activity.


You might be a financially distressed city if … truckloads of illegal aliens blow past you on their way to Buffalo.

For this and nine other gems like it, hie thee over to Char at the Pgh Pist-Gazette.

You might be a financially distressed city if ... you build a new Fort Pitt before the mortgage is paid off on the old one.


The Burgh Diaspora really ought to have been added to the Comet Blogroll some time ago.

Go learn about what Winchester Thurston School is doing with the Confucius Institute, and what they'll both be allowing you to do for free.

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  1. I believe Kennywood claims that the amusement tax they owe to West Miffflin is not being collected from any other business in that borough, even though there are others who would be eligible to pay it.