Sunday, March 11, 2007

Monday Morning Housekeeping

NEW BLOGROLL HEADING: The Man Blogs. The Pittsburgh League of Young Voters will be stunned to find itself lumped in with "The Man." The Allegheny Institute ... perhaps less so. Yet this is a section for "organizational" blogs of all kinds. Be sure to check out the many eclectic Pittsburgh Symphony blogs.

CORRECTION: When you get into a pie-fight with Mark Rauterkus, be ready for a faceful of cherry-lemon meringue and custard.

We had erroneously credited Bill Peduto as Pittsburgh's first blogging mayoral candidate, and then the first blogging "major party" mayoral candidate. Although Rauterkus is now synonymous with the regional Libertarian Party, he ran -- and blogged -- as a Republican in 2001. When he lost the GOP endorsement to James Carmine, the Carlow College doctor and professor, he joined up as Carmine's webmaster. The Comet regrets both the error, and the delay in correction.

ESOTERA: Post-Gazette columnist Brian O'Neill writes a hell of a piece on the cost recovery imbroglio ... eventually. After some throat-clearing. But we understand. All hail Ram-Man, spring-loaded warrior!


  1. We are indeed gnashing our teeth, rending our clothes, tearing out our hair, and generally writhing in agony at being so blithely categorized as “the man.” Does this mean that we have to stick it to ourselves now? (--Oh my god, unacknowledged theft of others ideas—by gum we ARE the man!)

  2. I'm 'response-less' (like speechless) as to what to say about the blog roll line up and where I'd fit. Perhaps I should go with a standard, "Don't Put Me In a Box" chorus.

    I did blog about the 'pie' -- err, "PI" mention.

    Happy PI Day Everyone!

  3. Why is the League on the Man blog roll? What is your criteria for this endorsement? Do they have to be run by all men or just be part of the system?