Monday, March 12, 2007

Rich Lord on Minority Cops, Firefighters

96% of Pittsburgh police recruits and second- and third-year police officers are white. 91% of fire department recruits are white. The city's total white population stands at 67%.

The P-G's Rich Lord asks around:

"Having a graduating class [of new firefighters] this past fall in which one out of 36 graduates is a minority is an embarrassment," said Mr. Peduto.

True to form, Peduto has a "five-point plan," which includes substituting military service for college credit, in terms of employment prerequisites.

"It's an issue that we want to address, and quite honestly are looking at ways perhaps other cities may have better representation of minorities in their [police and] fire bureaus," Mr. Ravenstahl said.

"So we'll look at ways, for example, that we can perhaps do the testing differently, or look at ways to provide opportunity. Because it is alarming, for example, when you have fire classes of 30 or 40 individuals and only one or two are minorities."

True to form, Ravenstahl seems to want to take his time.

See also this Burgh Report clip of Ravenstahl speaking to the issue at a community Q&A session. Yes, even though it's on YouTube, the clip is full, fair, and in-context -- even if the title of the post is a little amped-up.

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  1. "Take his time" my foot. That's what a kid who cheats on his tests say as he glances around at his classmates' answers. Give me a break. He's just waiting to take Bill's 5 point plan.

    I'll grant you that the 5- point plan has been played out. But hey, maybe it's his lucky number? Maybe he thinks in fives? At least he has a plan.