Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This Week is Going to be Huge

The quality of Ravenstahl-friendly commenting has increased dramatically in the last few days, at least on the Burgh Report.

This from "Shootout":

Where does this leave Peduto? Should he congratulate Ravenstahl for getting the deal done? I think it's the least he should do - Peduto did want the Pens to stay, and he did want to mediate the negotiations, so it's done and he should be happy.

Congratulations would be right out. The entirety of the last newscycle was about how Ravenstahl can not be expected to play a significant role in negotiations, due to the financial breakdown of the deal. If anything, Peduto should congratulate Rendell ... and be happy. (UPDATE: Or maybe not. See our more recent post.)

These from "Comparison," days ago:

Let's see - Luke is sitting at the table negotiating a complete funding and lease package with a governor, billionaire, chief executive and hockey superstar. Peduto was sitting at a desk working on lease agreements 8 yrs ago while the stadium deal was negotiated and finalized by govt leaders and power players. After this deal is done, Luke will have far more experience, expertise and contacts, than Peduto can ever hope for.

Anon - I'm just saying. Luke is at the table getting that experience. Peduto is not. Those are the facts. Luke came into this green. He'll leave a veteran. Peduto can only watch from the sidelines. Will Peduto ever get a chance to do something similar? Who knows.

Exactly, Luke will have participated. Peduto will not. Nope, these deals are not complex, financially that is. These deals are complex politically. Sorry, Peduto doesn't have that experience, and he certainly has not been there and done that. This is a unique deal. The real question for Rendell/Onorato/Ravenstahl is how much of the public's money/land should they put in play. That takes political saavy, and these officials that understand that. Unfortunately, Peduto would probably not.

This is more interesting. However, it begs the question of what is most important in a mayor -- wheeler-dealer political skills, or long-term strategic vision, and the courage to push for politically strong medicine.

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  1. The Pens weren't going to leave for the billionth time.

    No one was going to save the day because there was no day to save.

    Now we have more taxes to pay. Oh, yay.