Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Like Luke: The Internet Campaign

Four (4) Luke Ravenstahl campaign spots have been released on YouTube. The ads were plainly ordered up by the official campaign; the production values are through the roof, and the messaging is strategically on-target. Ravenstahl himself appears stronger than we've ever seen him, and the local news will describe the ads as "long, detailed, and policy-oriented."

Why I'm Running For Mayor

Clean and Safe Streets

Financially Sound Pittsburgh

Jobs and Economic Development

The most interesting, in our opinion, is "Financially Sound Pittsburgh." First he offers good news on the budget -- we're turning the corner, and we have a surplus, or "rainy day fund" -- because he's been able to make tough choices.

Since it's hard for a lay-citizen to evaluate such claims, it would be nice if some candidates for Controller would chime in, seeing as how they all agree it is their job to "translate" the city budget into plain English for the constituents.

The words "No New Taxes" float across the screen, and Ravenstahl touts his lowering of the parking tax, the business privilege tax, and the amusement tax on non-profits. He delivers a sermon on the evils of taxation that would make President Bush proud.


  1. For the billionth time - without having looked at the ads, of course he sounds o.k. in a scripted ad. Oh - and funny how he had time to manufacture these ads, but not schedule debate times with Peduto...

  2. Is he supposed to drop everything to accomodate Bill peduto & his campaign?

    Should he stop campaigning & not make ads for Bill?

  3. Matt, that's hooey. He should drop everything and accomodate the voters.

    Anon's "he had the time to schedule these ads, but not" was a bit of a cheap shot, but he/she obviously wanted to air a well-founded grievance that's on everyone's mind.

  4. Again, the arrogance and pettiness of the Luke Camp shines though.

    Bram is right -- it's the voters that Luke is dissing.

    And, everyone knows that Peduto has been bending over backwards to accommodate any debates and forums while Luke continues to run from debates/forums like the plague.

    His last excuse was he wanted to wait until everyone had filed so that no candidates would be left out. The filing deadline was a week ago.

    Someone really does need to start following Luke around in a chicken suit.

  5. I don't have the attention span for those adds. Plus, there seemed to be some kind of red ring and dead haystacks in the back.

    Too long, too boring. Blah, blah, blah.

    Completely missed the point of youtube.

    -Agent Ska-

  6. Can't agree there, ska. Too long and boring for tv or radio, but he's reaching the wonks -- which is an excellent use of the internet. The "up the river without a paddle" ad is one model, sure, but these ads are hot ... creepy fish-fossil background and all.

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