Thursday, March 15, 2007

Midnight: Overview

1. Since when did bar owners become such a powerful lobby? First there was the smoking ban, then cost-recovery, and now the new Penguins arena. The "small, vocal minority" was all over television throughout the drama.

2. Cmdr. RaShall Brackney is black, and heads the local and national chapters of the National Org. of Black Women in Law Enforcement. (Christian Morrow, Courier)

3. We were halfway through our Jack Kelly countercolumn when we heard Bob Pompeani -- who we are told wears goofy shorts behind the anchor desk -- start announcing the new arena deal. Bottom line: the worst thing about Ann Coulter is that she makes dangerous propagandists like Jack Kelly seem responsible by comparison.

4. The Ravenstahl advertisement on finances says we have turned the corner, and are moving in the right direction. Does the arena deal move us in the right direction? Or does it move us ... backward? Michael? Mike? Dougie? Tone? LaMon?

5. The Ravenstahl advertisement on finances assures us that the state of Pennyslvania will take care of our pensions mega-crisis. Does the arena deal help or hinder this process, not only politically but financially?

6. Is Bill Peduto serious or not? WOAH!! ...

... !

Where'd that come from?


  1. My latest blog entry is about finances. You must be stealing my ideas... jk

  2. Am I the only person confused by this blog entry?

  3. Yeah, so here's the format: every time we post a picture of a giant bespectacled fish contemplating the globe, we are TRYING to be cryptic.

    But we may have overdid it. So we'll draw you a map ... what was the thought that brought us up short?