Thursday, May 3, 2007

Blurghosphere Drama

Patrick "Maureen" Dowd gets drawn into a heated late-night exchange in the Burr Reporr comments section, treating us to closest thing we'll see to a District 7 debate.

Da Busman reveals that it could take up to a month to replace Dick Skrinjar, because the Mayor is insisting upon "no artificial timetable" for withdr-- er, hiring somebody else. This looks like one of those posts where he's trying to say something without actually having to say something.

Mike Madison accuses the Tribune Review of being "sleazy," for having lifted a quote of his from the Post-Gazette without attribution.

The Admiral has not been kidnapped, and detained in gimp-fashion, by disgruntled, entrepreneurial police officers. Whew.

UPDATE: Mmmmm .... heated late-night exchange with Maureen Dowd ... ghughughugh.

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