Friday, May 4, 2007

Things You / We May Have Missed

Dan Fitzpatrick of the P-G warns us of a gathering robot invasion of Pittsburgh by Carnegie Mellon. At first we thought it'd be like the awesome dinosaur invasion of several years ago, which made narrating the Just Ducky Tours a heck of a lot easier, especially during long traffic delays. But it turns out these are going to be actual, functioning, boring robots.

Yesterday, the P-G endorsed Bruce Kraus in the 3rd by a whisker over Jeffrey Koch. In so endorsing, they seemed to reveal a blanket preference for challengers over incumbents, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Pittsburgh gives rise to some unique conservatives, as evidenced by Fred Honsberger's bellowing defense of the smoking ban.

Mayor Ravenstahl is getting serious about minority hiring, reports the PG's Rich Lord. The blurghosphere should applaud, opines the PH's Matt Hogue.

There are ten days left until the election!! (h/t Bill Peduto, who like us, reads The Note, h/t the Trib's Vellucci & Wereschagin. We wonder if Bill dislikes its new cluttertastic layout as much as we do.)

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  1. "...Lord even suggested that Luke himself would have preferred a proper fight...."

    Huh? I presume you're referring to Luke RAVENSTAHL, the one who refused to commit to any community group/media or other org's request for even a "meet the candidates night", let alone a forum, from January 2007 til the date Peduto dropped out? Lord, Potter, et. al. knew about this the whole time it was occurring.

    "...No one defended Peduto's decision to drop out, to put it mildly."

    I guess not, afterall they had their chance during the 2 1/2 months that Peduto was running & was trying to engage even a modicum of media interest in the issues to no avail. They have only themselves to blame & there's a lot they'd need to defend as far as their own lack of action/investigation. They're called & for some, still respected, as the fourth estate, for how long, who knows?